Galion Air, Inc.

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  Are you a Pilot?

  Would you like to be a Pilot?

   Have you put off your flying dreams because the "opportunity" has not been right?

Galion Air, Inc. is an Ohio Corporation founded in 1988 by pilots for pilots with the goal of creating the lowest possible cost for flying in safe and well-maintained aircraft.
Galion Air, Inc. maintains a fleet of three Cessna aircraft; a C-150, a C-172 (IFR), and a C-182 (IFR) at the Galion Airport that boasts a 3,500' long newly paved, lighted, all-weather runway, with 24 hour fuel availability creating an excellent base of operation. The Galion Municipal airport (KGQQ) is located 3.1 miles east of Galion on SR 309 and is 8.9 DME on the 224 degree radial from the MFD (Mansfield) VORTAC.
Galion Air, Inc. can help make your flying dreams come true. Our rental rates and Flight Instructor give you that "opportunity."

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