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Galion Air, Inc. is an Ohio Corporation founded in 1988 by pilots for pilots with the goal of creating the lowest possible cost for flying in safe and well-maintained aircraft. Galion Air, Inc. is not like a flying club because there are no monthly dues or annual costs so you only pay when you fly.
Pilot’s and student pilots fall into one of two categories as renters, Non-Owner and Owner. One of the founding premises of Galion Air, Inc. is that the corporation will subsidize operational costs of Owners by renting their aircraft to Non-Owners.

Non-Owner pilots pay competitive rental rates, have access to Galion Air’s aircraft, have the ability to schedule aircraft on a first come first use basis, and are required to pre-purchase flying time in blocks of 10 hours to eliminate any potential for the collection of payment. Should an aircraft be scheduled away from base overnight then a minimum flight time of 3 hours per night away from base is required. Aircraft are rented “wet” (with the cost of fuel included) and may be refueled anywhere.





Owner pilots are those individuals who have elected to purchase a share in Galion Air, Inc. (currently valued at $4,000.00) and thus receive the benefits of ownership in of the corporation. The Owner rental rate is lower than the Non-Owner rate, all flying costs are billed the month after they are incurred, should an aircraft be scheduled away from base over night a minimum of only one hour is required, and any fuel added by an Owner is reimbursed at the current cost of fuel at Galion.





For more information regarding Galion Air, Inc. you may call:

Stan Popp 419-543-1582       Mike Booth 419-468-9897       Tom McFadden 740-587-2312    Glen Diebler 419-569-9254

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Image of the Galion runway September 2008.